yzing a wr

Hi guys

I have a 06 wr 450, I removed to ais, did the cut outs in the air box, clipped grey wire, pmb insert, jd jetting, zip ty, throttle stop , my bike dosent seem to have it. When i am holding a steady throttle it dosnt go smoothly it has pauses then goes pauses then goes and so one. Dont know how to fix this. also I rode buddys crf450r and loved the power and response. I know they are differnt bikes but how can or can I make my wr like the yz but keep the electric start. Thank you

Did you folloew the JD jetting instructions to a 'T'? From what you describe (the surging), my first guess would be a little rich on the needle. I'd move the clip two positions towards the flat/top of the needle and retest.

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