Would the Jeremy Mcgrath bend be a good bar for me, im about 31inches tall, i gotta consider that the clamps raise the bar a bit too..

I would really like recommendations :)

If you are only 31 inches tall, I would sugest using the stock bar that comes on a Mattel Big Wheel. :)

ARrrrrgh im swedish and we dont use inches :) i guess thats really short, im 2 meters tall or 1.98 centimeters..

Ahhhhh i got it one inch = 2,54 cm .. that would make me

uhmm 78inches or 7,8 as you would say?

6ft, 6inches.

I am 200 cm and I use the McGrath bend bars mounted 19mm up and 22mm forward from the stock position. I like the bend and the height is good when raised 19mm. Without moving them up they would probably be too low for you. The Button bend is higher and works better with the stock clamps.

The mcgrath bend is 795 wide 90 high 65 in rise

Steve Lamson bend is 802 wide 99 high 65 in rise

also used by ricky charmichael , but i use universal clamps, wich raises it about 20mm :D wich would give me 119 mm high :D

The jimmy button bend is 110mm high, so i think it would be enough for me :)

Do you have picture of your bar risers?

I am 2.0m tall, and I have the Protaper Doug Henry Bend - highest and flattest that I could get... these are mounted on a Scotts Triple clamp with the higher mounts, and then for the other end of the equation, I have lowered the footpegs, and tall seat foam is my next ergo modification.

Good luck,


Sabin, yeah well i only got the store picture atm, but i could get a cam and get a shot of them tonight if you want to see them, they are about 2cm high almost 1"

heres the webshop photo of them


its the ones in the lower left corner wich says Styrfäste art nr 9000

yamaha.dude, i used the Steve Lamson bends and the raisers, and it feels comfy for me they are Okay, but i gotta try for myself and advance in height of the bars too, putting just the highest bars i can get on the bike might make me feel uncomfy


The picture is ok.

10x dv!

Your welcome :)

cr double high + 10mm taller risers = 125mm hight

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