Replacing just one cam with Hotcams could be bad?

Hey guys, I was riding my wr400 the other day and fell on a hill climb. Funny enough, i fell on the clutch and the compression release leaver. Both levers depressed causing the engine to keep running and the cylinder to slam into the exhaust valve associated with the compression release. After installing the new valve, I got the inclination to replace the stock exhaust cam with one of the Hotcams exhaust cams. I dont want to replace both the cams and am wondering if there would be any downside to only replacing one? Has anyone done this, or suggest something better. I am really tired of the compression release and would like to do away with it.

Tried it on my 426 and the result was it was totally gutless on the low end. Much worse than stock.:thumbsup:

Hand/roost gaurds are a must out in the Desert. They save your knuckles from the brust and rocks from the guy in front of you most importantly they help save levers from falls. 60 to 90 bucks well spent

I put both cams on my 01, but there is no problem at all with just using the exhaust cam. If you are not comfortable with it then just put on a 03 450 cam from either a yz or a wr depending on what kind of power delivery you want.

Have just the Hot Cams exhaust cam installed. Runs fine.

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