NEWBIE: help modding tail light!

Just bought an XR650R. Want to do the mod where the taillight will stay lit as a running light yet light up brighter when I hit the brake pedal. I've been told this is as simple as install a capacitor or some doohickey. Can someone walk me through this?

I'm mechanically competent just need to know specifics of what to buy and where/how to wire it in?

I found this device on XRs only site. Anyone installed one of these and know if it'll do the same thing as what I'm trying to do?

K&S Dual Sport Hydrualic Brake Light Switch

One of the first steps in converting your dirt bike to a street legal motorcycle is converting your hydraulic rear brake cylinder to a brake light sending unit. Saves money over expensive dual sport conversion kits. Installs in minutes. Fits most dirt bikes.

More OFF-ROAD / DIRT BIKE / ATV Parts Details. . .

PRICE: $19.95

PART: KS-12-0010

No, that's only part of the equation- basically a hydraulically actuated on-off switch.

You also need to wire your light as indicated in this thread.

Also, the factory tail is going to suck as a brake light unless you put a different lightsource in there. There is a drop-in LED conversion, I think Wheeling Cycle Supply sells it.

these guys carry the complete kit to do the conversion for about $40 i believe.

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