New Gas Tank

I ordered a Clarke 4.7 Gallon tank for my 650L last Sunday from just gas tanks. I also ordered a 55 pilot jet from thumper talk on Monday. I had installed a dynojet kit last summer but I was never happy with the off idle performance. Both the tank and the jet came on Wednesday and I got around to installing them today. The tank install was pretty easy and the pilot jet was easier still. I hate that it is so stormy here right now and I can't take the bike out for a spin. It's like giving a kid a Christmas present and not letting him play with it.

I'll post pics of the bike with the new tank after I get some new batteries for the camera.

Ha! I just installed my 4.7 an hour ago:ride:

this thread is :confused: without pics...


Well I got three pics before the batteries died. First one is kind of fuzzy.


Next one


Last one.


Next mod needs to be suspension, then some better tires.

Storm passed last night so i got to take it for a ride. The off idle hesitation is gone and the bike feels more powerful in the lower RPM range as well. I like the tank so far also. I filled it all the way up and I really didn't notice any difference in handling.

Nice L, aaron! I really like my clarke 4.0 also.

Thanks, did you ever figure anything out about those thin spots? I looked over mine before I mounted it but I couldn't find anything wrong.

I got an email back from clarke and they told me that its normal and if it isnt leaking now, it wont.:confused:

So, i'll run it and if it burns me up.... It'll be called martinfan/clarke manufacturing!:excuseme:

I'm glad you called the factory Martinfan. I would think that something as consistent as that must be from normal manufacturing processes of some sort. As I mentioned, my home made experiments give me the impression that the dimples are not very thin at all:prof: . Furthermore, since they are in an area that really does not touch or rub anything else I wouldn't think they'd develop a leak. I'm not worried about it at all.:confused:

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