Missouri riders Chadwick Nov 9th

Hey all Mo riders, This weekend a group of us is going to ride Chadwick. Look for an enclosed trailer with a honda wing and motorcyclist on the side pulled by a green Chevy p/u.

List of TTers now: Eric(edareus), Chris(Hurricane), Darin(Momilkman)

Also there are non TTers going too. Should be a good time. We will be camping at Cobb Ridge.

KCThumpn, Jason in KC, You guys going to be able to make it?

Looking forward to it Eric.

Its been 3 months since I have been Chadwick rock crawlin' so take it easy on me ok?!

Also, I will keep an eye out for you as I am coming though. Like I said, it should be right around the 8:00 hour. Give or take 15 min.

Im in a 93 tan Ford Ranger (POS) pulling a white trailor w/my yellow (hurricaned) WR400.

We should have a group of 4-6 riders coming from KC on Saturday. I'm still pending the arrival of my linkage bearing kit but all looks good so far. Looking forward to some Chadwick rocks...

I'm still planning on being there on Saturday, looks like Jason and I, Jason's brother Andy, and possibly Pat and Scott. Hey Darin have you talked to Crusty lately? I'm trying to get ahold of him for this ride. See you guy's there.


No I havent. He visits the KC Rider board quite frequently dosent he?

I'll post a message for him over there tomorrow or you can.

Glad your coming, see you Sat!!!

I got ahold of Rick last night, I hadn't seen him online in awhile, he's been busy with work. He is going to call me back Friday and let me know if he can make the ride Saturday.

We should have a good day for riding on Saturday. I can't wait. :)

Well guys we are a go for this weekend. Can't wait! It looks like the temps are going to be right. :D Got my new chain and sprockets on.... Man I am pumped!!!!! :)

See you guys there!


Hey I'm new to TT but I live in Ozark, Missouri and ride at Chadwick quite a bit. It's only about 15 minutes from my house! I would like to meet up with you guys and ride. Going to be a great day for it.

ryme, first let welcome you to TT. Check out the first post and look for us. This is turning out to be a good group! See you Saturday.

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