Need help! Coolant leak from weep hole when hot?


I just replaced the waterpump seals and shaft on my '04 WR450 as coolant would drip from the weap hole when the bike was first started.

Now, it leaks when my Trailtech temp gauge gets to 70 degrees C / 158 degrees F !!!!

I used grease on the pump seals and am sure they are in the correct way...................

Any ideas before i tear it down again? I really want to ride the bike today and tomorrow!!!!!!!

Many thanks


Grease is a temporary fix. The water pump shaft bearing is probably shot. Rebuilding a pump is often not a complete cure, replacement of the entire assembly is. Sorry.

With a small weep, I would go for the ride, just avoid real slow plunking.

Thanks for the reply :excuseme:

One of the seals was in the wrong way! its all sorted now :confused:

LOL, good, nice to know the cause. Glad it was nothing else. Have a good ride! :confused:

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