Do aftermarket XR650R chain sliders exist?

I can't find any aftermarket XR650R chain sliders anywhere online or even the mention of them on this forum. Can anyone point me in the right direction? There are plenty of choices for the 650L and almost any other bike, but none that I can find for the 650R. Maybe they don't exist. I appreciate your help. OEM is $42 and too soft.

I have been looking for one as well, no aftermarket that I can find. And I'm not paying $40 for a strip of rubber. Might end up just making one out of old conveyer belt material.

Maybe adapt a slider from an L.

I've only worn out 2 oem sliders in 4 years and I ride quite a bit, seems like good life for 40 bux to me.

try service honda they give a good discount on oem parts.

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