Big thanks to "Hurricane"...

Wanted to thank "Hurricane" (Chris) for the WR exhaust-got it in the mail Friday afternoon. It's in great shape and already installed-have yet to ride with it though...

Best part is Chris gave it to me and shipped it for free!!! The only stipulation is that I pass the favor along to some other TT'er when I get the chance. I'll definitely do it-thanks TT and thanks Chris for your generosity... (now I have to change my signature line and get rid of the Powercore IV)... :)

Why did you get rid of the FMF pipe for a WR. Are taking the baffle out or do you need to meet the sound requirments. Just curious since most people trade the stock one for aftermaket and you are doing the opposite.

I'll still use the FMF for tracks and areas where sound isn't much of an issue-just trying to be a little more courteous when it comes to riding on trails, campgrounds, etc...

I know there will be a significant decrease in power, but for trails I can deal with that...

Good it got there ok. I was just thinking about that this morning, haven't been on TT in a few days.

Got it and all is well... Sounds like a whole new machine (it'll probably ride like one too, but that's ok).

Thanks again!

Cool, I've never used the stock exhaust so I don't know either. I actually was looking for header pipe when I got that exhaust, the guy sold me the complete system. I still have my stock exhaust but it was punched out when I bought the bike(used).

YZeeze, I will be interested on your report as to performance and the noise level. I run the stock WR pipe with a Vortip baffle and it works well, Thumper Racing also has a baffle that I hear works well. The stock Yamaha baffle is terrible for performance but very quiet. I think the Vortip is a good compromise.

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