xr600r shock oil seals fit a xrl?

I'm wondering if I could use the oil seal from a mid-ninties XR600R rear shock inside my '94 XR650L. If the shaft diameters are the same I think I'll try it. The shock on the XRL is basically unrebuildable cause Honda doesn't sell parts for it but i'm trying anyway. Anyone with some experience?

-What is the shaft diameter of the shock on an XR600R, is it 14mm?

-Is the XR600R shock Showa or Kayaba

-Does anyone know if the seal heads are the same?

-If this doesn't work, anyone know where I could get a 14x26mm seal set? Standard 14mm Kayaba seals are 14x30mm.

Thanks much guys.

From what I can find from Race Tech both shocks are Showa, the 600R shock is 44mm and the XRL shock is 46mm. Both shocks have a 14mm shaft.

They have part #s for seal heads for both shocks.

Thanks man, I checked out Race Techs website and they've got what I need. Cool.

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