wr400/426 wheels........question

Have been advised early wr wheels will not fit 2000 model on

is this true and what are the diff.....can they be overcome

have found wheels but cannot confirm the year...

any help would be great peeps

Only the 1998 400 wheels are a problem the front is ok but the rear has a different bolt pattern for the rotor and sprocket. I hope this helps you.


hi Paul

wheels have disc's and sproket does that mean they'll be o.k. regardless what year they are........

I have installed a '98 WR 400 front wheel on my '02 426. There is a difference in diameter on brake rotor and I had to use the '98 axle spacers.

The '02 wheel will not fit the '98 bike. The front brake rotor will not clear the caliper carrier.

I don't know about the rear wheels.

I thought the rear axle diameter was different on the older models as well.

If its a 98 the rear rotor is only a 220mm,Your bike has a 240mm, you could fit a rear rotor from a 99-00. Apart from that I don't see anything else that will give you any problems.


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