Stupid Question about Kouba tool

My bike idles the same when I screw the tool in or out. What does that mean? The Kouba web page says if low idle never comes around when screwing it out, then you probably need a larger pilot jet and the opposite when screwing it in. Mine never changes. This may be a stupid question, but I am needing some input here. I aso just changed over to YZ timing.

It's not a stupid question. Depending on your current conditions and jetting you may not notice a change in idle by just turning it in and out. Try it combined with some blips of the throttle. You should also have a warmed up bike.

Here is what I would do - from your stock number of turns, turn it out until a slight blip of the throttle results in a hesitation or stumble. Don't go more than 2.75 turns out total. If you already have this hesitation/stumble down low, then turn it in until a slight blip in the throttle results in a idle that hangs too high for more than a second or two. Then turn it back until you just get a crisp response without a hanging idle.

I've had occasion where I got a hanging idle but ALSO a hesitation. By going to a smaller pilot I got rid of the hesitation and tweaking the fuel screw got rid of the hanging idle.

Carb clean?


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