YZ250F on a desert

I ride 07' WR450F(AIS removal kit,YZ shrouds,exhaust,no cell motor,no head/tail light) when I go to desert/trail, and ride 07' YZ250F when I go to track.

Today, I went to motocross track, but was closed due to a snowfall in the early morning. Then I decided to do some desert&trail riding since the track was within the OHV area, and of course, I didn't want to waste my time and gas spent.

This was my first time YZ ride on a desert. I initially thought riding a 250F on a desert would be relatively boring due to 250F not having enough displacement.

It turned out that I had so much fun!! I had no fear going first on a desert washboard. It turned well, and had enough power. The rear suspension was a little stiff though.

I was riding alone so that I wasn't 100% sure if I was actually going faster than usual(with WR450), but I definitely felt I was able to ride with less effort.

I was not sure if this was due to YZ being 250(lighter) or Motocross models are generally better for desert/trail riding as well as track riding than Enduro models.

I also didn't go gnarliest trail so that I am aware that I should not conclude that Motocross models do a better job on a desert.

I questioned myself if I really needed to own WR450F when I was riding my YZ250F today.

I have the same two bikes. I have spent a decent amount of time in the desert on my yz and it is fun at time but I prefer my wr. When the sand gets deep and there are big technical hill climbs the 450 is a definat advantage.

What do you think YZ450F(or any 450 motocross models) would do for desert/trail riding?

I havent rode enough of them to really have a good opinion on that. But... I think an 08 yz450 would be awsome with a susp. revalve and if you left the stock pipe on there that all the moto guys hate because it makes the power to mellow (even though everyone seems to have fast lap times that way??). But it would be a compromise. You save weight but lose the wr tranny, which is my favorite part, and the e-start.

That all being said, I think every WR owner who is serious about riding should get a revalve. It is amazing how much bet the WR suspension can be.

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