New MX track opened close by.

This weekend a new MX and Harescramble track opened about 20 minutes from my house. Took a ride up to see it Sunday afternoon with my son. So far it looks pretty nice. They are working on it thru the week and open it on Sat. and Sundays. The Harescramble course isn't finished yet, they are trying to make it at least 8 miles of track. The MX track looks good, some rhythm sections, a step up, some small doubles and some uphill and downhill jumps. There were maybe 10 bikes there Sunday. I'm headed there next Sunday to try it out.

Here's the info:

Hilltop Racing Center

Yorkville, OH

Adult MX, Harescramble, PeeWee tracks.

$10 a rider for all day

Open 10am till dark.

It's about time someone opened up a track around here. :)

I'll post some pics next week.


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