new xr650

After my friend saw my new bike he got the urge. He is planning on getting a 02 or 01 XR650. I've been reading a little and it looks like the 00 model had restricted intake to meet the local env. standards. The artical had instructions on how to open the bike up and get it to run like a champ. Has anyone been down this road?? What are the differences in the 01,02, and 03 models???

He still has time to make up his mind on the yr. model.

All else being the same he has a really great price on a new 01 model. Please help!

Thanks in advance!! Under Pressure 03CRF450R :)

Sorry,.......that' s a XR650R.......................

00, 01, 02 & 03 are pretty much the same bike except for BNG (Bold New Graphics) and a few other small changes. Sometime in the 2001 models, Honda updated the clutch bushing and in the 2002 models, they updated the countershaft seal. Both parts are inexpensive and fairly easy to replace, especially the countershaft seal.

22116-MBN-671 = New Clutch Bushing = $9.40

91205-MBN-672 = New Countershaft Seal = $2.81

The restricted intake is not limited to the 00 and is still being used for the 03's. You asked if anyone had been down the road of that article. I guess the real question would be, has anyone Not been down the road of that article? Everyone I've ever met or talked to that owns a XR650R has been down this road shortly after buying their bike (it's more common than not) and you'll find most everyone here or on other XR650R boards have already uncorked (AKA powered up) their bikes. The XR650R bike will run a whole lot better after uncorking it and you'll swear it's a totally different bike afterward.

It's true! Once you open her up she will run like a new lady! The changes are not hard to make. Just take your time and look at things before you start to take them apart (The Carb.).The cheaper way is to drill out the exhaust tip, and take a razor knife and cut out the intake manifold. I perferred to buy these items and keep the stock ones just in case of whatever. There are a lot of posts and that can help you with these changes. Good luck and HANG ON!

There is a great page on "uncorking" the XR650R on Click on the link in the left side table labled "Making the XR650R Run Right! (Uncorking It)"

The page has pictures and part numbers for doing the procedure. It works great, and the only advice that I would have is to talk to someone who knows exactly what jets you need for your altitude. I run a very small Main jet #155 because I usually play in the Colorado "high country" between 7K and 11K feet.

After you uncork the BRP, the best Bang for the Buck upgrade I have done has been re-springing the suspension for my weight. Go to and plug in your info on the valving search. It will give you the stock and their recomended spring rates for the fork and shock.

The BRP is a BLAST...

Thanks guys for the help!!!

U.P. :)

I know you said your friend already has a bike lined up but if he is looking for a used 02 I have one and I am in Dallas. The bike has three days of riding on it. If he is interested e-mail me or give me a call.



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