Headlight assembly/ guages

I wiped out yesterday and destroyed the complete headlight assembly. The plastic fairing, headlight, metal cage that holds all that on the front end, and it got forced into the gauges and smashed them. Damn it!

I have a big ride in a couple weeks and need to replace.

Now what have you guys done aftermarket. I have looked at the trailtech 8" round light. I am a little concerned that it would get broken from people roosting rocks, or crashes. For gauges I have looked at the vapor, but not sold on it either.

Any pics of setups would be great, and please tell me what you like or dislike. Looking for something that is not hard to wire up/install.



The acerbis cyclops is a good light. Looks sharp. I like that you can chose how you want to wire it up between the three different bulbs...easy to install. Adjustable beam angles. There's a handy little clear plastic shield that protects the glass lenses too. High class for an old bike.


How's it work at night, brightness wise?

The Cyclops is not too bad light wise, but I don't think that it is as good as the stocker or a Baja Designs DOT unit. One plus about the Cyclops is that the two lights are independent. It is also very light. Since you have enough watts, wire the low to be on all the time. Then wire the high through the high beam switch. That gives you both lights on high beam.

You've got:

Bulb 1. 55w. Great for distance output. Very "beam" like.

Bulb 2. 55w. Great for side to side coverage. No good for distance.

Bulb 3. 5w. Inside the "beam" light, Does nothing for the bike operator, but does light up the second light to be seen by other drivers when you're using only the wide angle light.

Not sure how I feel about pulling tons of juice through skinny little wires to feed the two 55w bulbs simultaneously. Apparently you can do some fancy work to pull it off safely. I feel comfortable just using bulbs 2 and 3 for cruising, and bulb 1 on it's own for higher speed travel. Running both 55w bulbs together would be about the same feel as the stock light.

I've got to be fair...

the same feel with better distance coverage. That thing puts out, man. You know, come to think of it, the reason I feel good at high speeds with just bulb 1 is because bulb 2 isn't going to give you enough time to make any corrections anyway...but at say, 45mph, that wide angle is more useful and the beam is really just gonna piss off the guy in front of you. It's a good light.

I run a 100W headlight over the stock wires so there should not be a problem. Larger wires sure would not hurt though.

I run a 100W headlight over the stock wires so there should not be a problem. Larger wires sure would not hurt though.

What are they 16 guage? 18 maybe?

If hes worried, just drop down a couple steps from stock. Like you say CL, its fine on the stock wires.

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