I have searched and read about the reroute of the crankcase vent on the 04WR. Some go in the airbox, some dont, some tried a pcv valve, some t off, oil fills the air box,sand gets in the motor,some put a filter on it

All these options made my head spin and I left mine alone

I sunk my bike yesterday and knowing what can happen after I finally got out, I pulled the dipstick and saw my motor was filled with water.Reading these forums has saved me a toasted WR(THANKS)

So, what is the cleanest way to run that vent? I dont want water or sand in my motor.I dont want my airbox filled with oil.

I rode my friends bike back to the truck, got a few quarts and a drain pain,(earth first !) flushed the motor 2x and finished the day and stayed out of the water.

Do other 4 strokes have this issue?

so everyone else is confused and left their crank case vent alone too?

From my understanding the hose only sucks air when cranking the motor over so if you stall in water push it out before statring it again. :confused:

On the '05 and newer models, the factory routed the breather hose to the airbox. I'm sure they had good reason to do this. If I had an '04 or earlier bike, I'd do the same. Can't say as to how other 4 strokes handle this. My friends '04 (maybe '03) XR400 has the breather hose going back into the frame where the oil is held.

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