Pro Taper Contour?

Is anyone using these bars on the XRR? If you are, how do you like them and what bend do you have? I am considering the Woods Hi bend. Any input is greatly appreciated.


I have the Countour's in Pastrana FMX/ATV bend and love them. Cheaper but just as strong as the original Pro Tapers. You're hard pressed to bend most of the big bars (Pro Tapers, Renthal, et al).

Contour Pastrana Hi's here and I love them...

CR hi and 686 bend but there really straight across, hardly any sweep. 1 1/8 protapers are extremely tough, ive seen the bar mount bolt (which is 1/2 thread grade 8) bend before the bars did. Friend crashed and thought his bars were toast cuz they were lopsided so i said "no way" took off bar pad and saw the bar mount tweaked. Replaced with new bolt and bars were still perfect. To bend that big bolt and not the bars sold me for life pretty much, i dont like crossbar style bars.

Very nice, thanks guys! Just one last thing. Will I need to replace all the bar mounts because the bars are now too big (width wise)? :excuseme: Sorry I don't know much about bars.


if your using a stock upper triple clamp then yes you need to do something, stock is 7/8 inch bars. I used these cuz im not in the market for a new triple right now.


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