F2 shoes for your 650

Spent yesterday mounting F2 600 wheels onto a 650R .

All went well, it's alot of work.

Some bolt issues and I have to make a disc addaptor for the front wheel.

Alot of metal removal on the rear wheel. I mounted it on my Bridgeports 18" turn table using an addaptor plate and long straps across the wheel Dia.

Things need to be on true center when machining for disc and sprocket locations with shoulders for fitting.

You will also need bearing reducers for the axle on front or as I did, make captive spacers that double as both.

Tonight Im going to make a mount for a high doller telascope.this fella

(a neighbor of mine)is as sick with astrolagie as we are about bikes.:confused:


Back to the shop see ya all latter.

Id like to see some pics of the project if you get a chance. I have a set of F2 rims that I was thinking about putting on my XRR, just havent got around to sizing up the project.

To complete the project in the 8hrs spent would not be possible allowing time for photos .

I sent the bike home maybe the owner will post some I'll ask.

I have yet to complete disc mount allowing mounting of Brakings oversize rotor onto F2 front wheel

I will photo that soon

He told me there are many postings on the subject .I've never seen any

The owner had a good plan of attack ,helped with skills of his own. Dissasemble and trial mountings this all takes alot of work

The big machines and tooling ,are manditory.This may well be a 20hr project for one fella.With the tooling.

Center line and sq. are a MUST

we can get some pics and dimensions up when the whole thing is done.

i will give as much info as is possible and or important. none if it is impossible but there is alot of material to remove even from the front wheels. I want to wait till up and running and put everything you need in one post. if you don't like working on things or arent dying for the look of cast wheels its problblably not worth all the effort. I think they will look cool and not be much heavier than the spoked wheels. plus no tubes to pinch

even with resurrections' mad machining skills it is a solid eight hours of setting up and removing material. wouldn't go that much faster the second time. you might be able to remove the majority of the material from the cush drive with a saw to speed it up as it was its like two hours to take all the material out of just that piece.

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