Accelerator Pump check valve

To solve a no ilde problem I opened up the carb and cleaned the jets. The bike has not been running for a while. I found some corrosion on the bottom of the bowl.

When I put it back together I checked to see if the accelerator pump was working. The fuel circuit from the bowl to the diaphram is not allowing fuel to get to the accelerator pump.

I have a feeling it is the check valve (ball and spring?) that are in the float bowl to prevent fuel from being pushed back into the bowl. Is it manufactured into the bowl or is it removeable. I am sure that it is clogged. I tried squirting carb cleaner into it but still no dice.

How can the fuel intake circuit to the accelerator pump be cleaned?



You are correct is is a ball and spring. It is removable only if you are very careful. A small pin punch can be used to remove it but... you should not have to. A pin poked from the fuel/float side can be used to unstick the little ball. You can also soak the float bowl (only) in strong carb cleaner to dissolve the goop.

Are you positive the AP diaphragm is in good condition?

Yes the diaphram is in good condition.

I tried to unstick the check valve from the float bowl side but I think the circuit does a 90 degree turn befor it gets to the check ball. I did not see where I can get to the check ball.


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