2 of my other favorites


I only see one bike:confused: :confused:

oops (first time photo bucket user)100_1770.jpg


Awesome bikes, brings back many memories!

Man I love those XL600R's...especially that year! Awesome looking sled.

oops (first time photo bucket user)100_1770.jpg

Diggin the XL250. :confused:

I had a chance to pick up a pair of 72's a couple years ago that looked just like that. One was in great condition and good to go. The other was the same with the exception of a broken kickstart shaft. My dealer was going to sell the parts at cost because he's a collector and likes the old stuff. Wish I would have picked them up.


i see 4 or 5 taillights and one to the right.....SHOW US ALL. Very nice bikes you must have some nice time to resto them or just search for all the cherry bikes. Ill have to take a pic of the 72 RT 360 enduro but its scarry!!!

I have been fortunate to have done both as Denn mentioned. I have picked uyp on some nice old XL's and also had time to restore them and continue to do so as my hobby, as it has been since I started riding some 40 years ago. I will get some picture of all the bikes on here.

1974 and a 75 XL350

(1972 / 73 XL250

1975 XL175

1975 XL125

1972 TS-125

and of course my 05 XR650L and 04 XR250R .. Thanks for the compliments! everyone!

My dad just finish a 74? Xl175. I'll post pics when I can.

1976 XL 175. A real sweet heart to ride! Those of you going to Fremont will see it.



Did I see a Suzi TS peeking out from under one of those covers? Those were sweet in their day. Nice 600R.

NICE! That was my dad's first bike. Very clean.

Damn that XL175 is cherry! Nice sled dude.

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