Dr. D Exhaust Questions.

I have a few what’s the difference questions. I have an 05 with all the free mods done. Stock exhaust with the inner baffles removed. I ride mostly woods, Natl forests and BLM land. Will I get a noticeable power increase over the opened up stock exhaust? Is it worth getting the whole system or should I just go with the slip on? How loud is this pipe? Should I get the quiet core insert?


I also have an '05 with all the free mods done. I bought a Big Gun Race full system last fall. I had to add a quiet core insert and their stainless steel packing to quiet it down and extend the life of the packing (50 hrs vs. 20 hrs). Once I got the carb tuned I definately felt more grunt down low. For a pure dollar to horsepower comparison I would say the add on pipes are not worth it. More of a "bling" factor than anything else. Quiet your pipe down as much as you can for riding on state lands. Also, I've burned a nice hole in my pants because the head pipe has no shield on it. :confused:

I just recently scored on a full system Dr.D exhaust. 300 bucks on eBay!! Anyhow, it fit right on and took it for a spin. A noticable increase in performance all around. For me well worth the money. I have the spark arrestor and the quiet core installed. Haven't tried it with the quiet core off but really don't intend too since I want to keep our riding areas open.

I am still going to play with the jetting a little since I think I can get my '05 WR450 to purr even better. All in all I am very happy with the DR.D.....hope this helps. Cheers JP

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