anyone have a pic of the stock 07 header?

anyone have a pic of the stock header on the bike.. im pretty sure mine is screwed, but i just want to make sure..



thanks. just as i thought. my header is a goner.. anyone have a hook up with an exhaust company?

does anyone know if a stock 08 header will work? i know someone who has one laying around.. can get a good deal on it. i know they have diffrent part numbers but just curious on if it will bolt up.

It should be all right, I crashed on my 08 YZ450F and bent a Pro circuit T4, so I had to go back to the stock exhaust system for a while, I didn`t like it at all, so I change the muffler with a buddy of mine who has an 07 and liked the short muffler better, so I ended up with the stock 08 header and the stock 07 muffler. Way better than before.


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