Need help.. Oil pouring out when kicking

Alright well I picked up this 94 xr600r and was told the engine didn't run. That was fine it was real cheap. But anyways I was seeing if it kicked over and it does...very hard to kick it over but anyways oil if pouring out the crank case beather. Any ideas?

If you get that much PSI into crankcase your rings must be letting it past .

A leak down test should be first

sounds overfull. Drain the case and the frame. start all over with 2.0 qts.

The L takes 2.07 to refill.

Is there a checkball that lets the oil settle?

Would to much oil prevent starting? or would to much oil shot out after start and be heavy at higher RPM?

Too much oil would not prevent starting. I would do a compression and leakdown test as suggested above. The only way oil would be forced out of the crankcase is if it is overfull or if too much compression from the cylinder is passing by the rings.

Does it blow oil out at idle? Or at higher RPM's? Feeling some air pressure out of the vent at idle is normal, but there should not be enough to move oil out.

Alright well the bike doesn't this is just kicking it over. I know it isn't overfilled becuase that was what I was leaning for. I pulled the drain plug and hardly any oil came out. It is extreamley more difficult to kick over than my other 600. I just pulled the motor out so I guess I can do a compression test.Any other ideas?

If you get that much PSI into crankcase your rings must be letting it past .

A leak down test should be first

Sounds like this could be the case because I can hear it out the crank case breather as well when it runs out of oil to shoot out. I should have thought of that. Thanks for the help. Do other people agree or any other possibilities? Thanks for the help

Sounds like bad or broken rings. Just my .02


Pulling the engine drain plug will not let much oil out at all, since the lives in the frame on the XR600.

The 600 is IMO harder to kick than many bikes, and if this is your first 600 it is a huge cylinder and takes a very unique technique to kick over.

You need compression, spark, fuel, and air to start the bike so you could really be missing any of those especially if the bike sat for a while. Carbs can gum up, and electronics can die. Even an old spark plug and dirty air filter can make the bike "impossible" to start with nothing else "wrong."

Check the compression first and when you pull the plug and test it for spark and let us know!

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