Head and valve work in San Diego

Anyone know a good place with reasonable rates for head and valve work for my 2002 426? I would like to stay local to San Diego. Will ship it if I have to. Thanks!

I used a guy in El Cajon a couple of times, but no more. His work didn't hold up like it should have, so I can only assume he's using cutters instead of grind stones to finish the seats.

Check to see who the Fun Bike Center or North County Yamaha use for their head work.

In vista there is Herman Tuning and Mad Racing. I am pretty sure they do that kind of stuff.

HERMAN TUNING: (760)726-2155

MAD RACING: (760) 806-1948


Thanks Gray. I tried to call north county today and their service dept is closed I will try tomorrow. I got a list of gaskets I need now anyway. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for the contacts crfrider! I will try them tomorrow as well!

Thanks speedracer!

My experience with crotchrocket has not been good (slow). I use TT OEM. Yes, it costs $10/yr, but you make that up very quickly at their prices.

Everyone with a 426, regardless of the year, has the option of using the stainless steel valves AND SPRINGS from the 2000 model. The advantages are much lower cost and even longer life than the OEM Ti valves. If it was mine, I'd do it that way.

I've used Eric Gorr in Wisconson. Overnight shipping both ways, and Eric turns things around pretty quick...He really does excellent work, and his prices are reasonable.

Engine Dynamics has an excellent rep as well, but I haven't used them. I know, neither is local, but shipping ain't that bad for good quality work.

Excellent! Thanks for the input birdy!

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