YZ426 Stator...

Ok. I am making my YZ legal, and i am going with the bajadesigns lighting kit.... My question is, what stator should i go with, and is the regulator that comes in that kit a good one?

well if i run a moose 55w stator with LEDs for turns and brake with a 35w headlight bulb, will that be enough output with the bajadesigns kit??

You can go with a Moose or Electrosport stator, but they only put out 50W which really isn't worth the expense. To do it right I would recommend buying a WR426F stator which will get you 120W. You will also need to buy a WR426F flywheel. For a headlight the stock 98-06 WR headlight looks good and has a glass lens so you can run a higher wattage bulb. DRC makes a really nice LED taillight called the Edge 2 with plate illumination and plate holder. If you need blinkers DRC also makes some cool LED ones. For a simple on-off headlight switch just use the WR one. If you need one with more functions K&S Tech makes some. Get the WR Yamaha voltage regulator it's better than the cheaper MSR, Moose, or BD ones. I'm assuming that your going to be keeping the system all AC and not run a battery.

WR Yamaha oem parts cheap


DRC taillight & blinkers


USA distributer for DRC


K&S Technologies control & brake switches



Thanks for the info. As for the lighting i am going with the bajadesigns kit with LED tail and signals. Its complete minus stator and i have the 450 body work so it will be perfect. Its 495 bucks but i know it will all be there. And it uses the factory WR headlight.

I found this stator too. I emailed them on wattage but they are good. I bought a lighting coil for my 91 YZ250 from them a while ago.


Im using a Moose Stator on my 426 with the same setup you are using.. Except i have a Baja headlight.. I havent hooked the stator up yet i need to get a flywheel puller first.. It will be fine, just a little dim at an idle, but who cares, you arent moving if you are idling..

The Moose, Electrosport, and Electrex World stators only put 50W. The 50W rating is at peak RPM, you will have much less at idle. You will only be able to run a 35W headlight bulb with them. If you only want to pass the lighting check to get a plate there fine. If you want to have any kind of usable light to actually ride at night they won't work well. Most people on TT have been disappointed with them for use at night.

2001yzf426, What wattage bulb are you using? and how is it at night lighting wise? and yes, i am mostly doing it to pass inspection.

35 watt i believe.. LED taillight and blinkers... I havent hooked it up to the stator yet so i dont know how bright it will be, but off the tiny baja battery, the lights are nice and bright!

alright thanks for the help!! im just going to go with the moose stator. Its the cheepest route, as i dont have much money after my epic moto sports conversion...

everything that is included with the bajadesigns kit...

Unit of Measure:


1/Each 439.95


Dual Sport Kit, 03-06 WR250/450F

Dual Sport Kit Includes:

LED Taillight Assembly

YZ Rear Fender

4 Turn Signals

OEM-Style Handlebar Switch Assembly with Push-to-Cancel Turn Signal Switch and Integrated LED High Beam Indicator


Brakelight Switch & Mounting Bracket

Flasher Relay (pre-mounted & wired inside headlight)

114db Horn (pre-mounted & wired inside headlight)

Quick-Release Wiring Harness

License Plate Mounting Bracket

All Necessary Mounting Hardware

Detailed Installation Instructions

Detailed Stator Modification Instructions & Hardware

Maybe it doesnt come with a bat... im not sure. i emailed them to ask...

Im not sure, i bought mine off of a guy and it has a tiny ass battery mounted behind the headlight.. That horn is loud too! Sounds funny!

thanks. ya its a tiny battery they include. But i mean the kit is worth the price since all the wiring is done for you. thats my opinion anyways.

Yeah, the hookup is very easy too!!

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