Steering Dampner

Does anyone run a steering dampner on their BRP? I have a 94 L and have thought of getting one, I would like some input on it first though. If you have links t a good deal on one please post that also.



I run a damper on my bikes. Unless your riding at high speeds or in sand you don't really need one. I assume you ride street with the 650L and sometimes dirt. The Scotts damper works great on my DRZ but the XR is a little more stable and is not as noticeable. It will help on the shacks or big hits when you hit a rock or pot hole. If you go with a damper get the package from Scotts and put on some pro-Tapers or other fat bars.

I'm running a Scotts and it works well. You should consider a damper for the L. Last summer I sold a 5 gal Acerbis tank to a guy who put it on his 650L. Just a week ago I was reading about his near-death experience on a CA freeway. Seems his L got some bad head shake at 75 and tossed him on his butt. Lucky for him he was well protected with ample amounts of body armor but it was all trashed as he went skidding and rolling down the freeway. If I was you, I'd put a damper at the top of your list of goodies. The dude can be found on the forum and goes by the name havespine.

Where do you get a dampner? I have searched the net and can't find one.

Why not try your local dealer?


The scotts site:

If you also notice they run a banner at the top of the forum page half the time. Click on that.

The cheapest quote I got was from these guys:

the reason you didn't get hit on your web search is because you spell it DAMPER not dampner

Thanks for the links.

I had a WER and it worked fine. I just felt it did not damp enough so I got a GPR. Now that is an awesome unit. Call Craig at The forward mount unit with the triple clamps was $475. And the best part is the damper and clamps came in anodized red! Looks and works great.

Love my Scott's with Scott's applied triple clamps. Using bolt on forward mount. Cost was about $600 from Baja Designs. Service recommendations is oil change once a year with seal rebuild every 3 years. It will keep you straight and help build up your forearm muscles.

I have Scott/Ohlins damper. The best money spend! It save my a$$ so may times I don't count them any more...

Trying to post a pic of my GPR unit


Hope it comes out!


What mount are you using for the Lowrance iFinder?

Thanks for the pic. That is one sweet looking bike.

Lowrance makes one from the I-Finder now. I ordered mine through Heres the part number

1 - NPI RAM 1'' Ball Stainless Steel 1/2'' to 1'' U-Bolt Base

I've spent alot tweaking my BRP. Here's a side pic.



Niiice Rig! Sweet! :)

I can save you $$ on Scotts and GPR dampers and accessories.

email me for prices. Product is shipped directly from them to you.

Nice bike Danco,

How did you relocate your tripometer? I'd like to do the same so I can utilize a forward mount for my


The kit from GPR came with the relo bracket. The Scotts kit also has one. Bolts right on to the triple clamp.

I'm running a Scotts. I was a little nervous spending $500 on something that I wasn't sure about, but boy what a difference! I can't even think about riding without it now. I talked to the guys at GPR after buying the Scotts unit, they seem to have a lot better customer service, they are at all the AMA Dist.37 races with their complete truck. You can argue about which unit to buy, but after running either one, you'll want a steering damper.

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