PIVOT PEGZ for the BRP- Product Review

I've got these pegs, haven't tried them yet, but I've taken a look at the instructions, and it says that you have to grease the pivot shaft every 15 hours of use. I understand this requires partially disassembling the pegs, the instructions further say that you have to use a new lock nut on every reassembly. Does this mean every 15 hours of bike use you have to get two new lock nuts for these pegs?

The instructions also mention another worrying thing - they say that the entire mount assembly should be replaced every 100 hours, or if the peg sustains a severe impact. I figure the mounts are pretty expensive.

So anyone who have had these pegs for quite a while, what kind of long-term experience do you have with them? What maintenance do you do on them and how often?

Yea, I've seen them. They're quite nice. I hear they have quite an appetite for flesh though.

So do my mountain bike's pedal. I've got leg armor :banghead:

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