Neck Roll...MX injuries

How many of you , if any, wear one of those Simpson neck rolls/braces? It seems like many PeeWees and kids use them but few adults. I just read another post talking about a guy breakng his neck in practice. I ruined my right leg last year and know how devasting an injury can be even when just riding for fun. I've been seriously thinking about one of these neck rolls, but am not sure of its value. Will it prevent a broken neck? How much does it restrict you head movement (and thus vision).


what a coincidence. i just got one (EVS thru chaparral) and used it for the first time at MX practice last night.(i'm 18 yrs. old, not a peewee or mini with a dad making me use it) I didn't need it, thank goodness, but i can give you the lowdown on fit and feel.

at first it was really weird and felt almost restricting, but as the evening wore on, i got more and more used to it, and eventually forgot i had it on until i stopped every now and then. you do know you're wearingit, though, but i figure that for the extra protection, i figure it's worth the minor inconveniences.

i noticed that when you try and look ahead while satnding on pegs and over bars i was a little restricted. when standing you actually tilt your head back more than you would think to look ahead. this would be hindered by the neck roll, but nothing i couldn't adapt to. you just have to look ahead out of the top of your eyes as well as tilt your head (as much as your could) side to side turning of the helmet is a little restricted, but nothing too severe. i think i will continue wearing it. it helped instill a little more confidence i think cause there was far less jostle from hard landings on the neck. i recommendthis piece of equipment to anyone. heck, i figure that if you are getting paid less than 6 figures (aka RC and #199) this should be a manditory piece of equipment.

i probably won't use it in harescrambles (woodsracing), though. i don't think it would have any benefit there. I don't know about anyone else, but i rarely fly from my bike and land on my neck or head in the woods. it would be too restricting there.

to answer you, yes i feel it would prevent injuries. just like a cowboy collar does for a footbal player.

hope i helped.

post any more questions you have or e-mail me at :)

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Save yourself some money, if you want one,go to a sport store that sells football equipment and get yourself a neckroll round or flat. It will be way cheaper,it does the same thing for less money. :)

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