'06 Yz450 Front Brake Problem

I Bought An '06 Yz450 "new" From A Dealer In Dec. '07. I Replaced The Front Tire And Put It Back On The Bike. The Front Brake Is Stuck Closed(tire Won't Turn Freely). There Is No Pressure When I Pull In Front Brake Lever. I Bled The Brake Several Times Per Service Manual Insructions. The Rotor Is Not Bent. It Seems Like The Caliper Is Stuck Closed, But I Can Move Caliper To Open Position And Pull Lever, The Caliper Closes(applying Brake) And Won't Release The Brake. It Seems Like At Easy Fix, But I Can't Figure It Out. Should I Keep Trying To Bleed Brake? Help!!!!!! I Really Need To Roost!!!!

Maybe ya got the pad off the caliper bracket . Sometimes the pad will fall out of the caliper bracket and get binded up.. Take the caliper off and place the pads back on the bracket correctly or the shims might be misaligned :confused:

Thanx TT Newbie for the info, but that wasn't it. Your info did make me look closer at the prob. After work last night I spent about 1 hr. cleaning resevoir, pulling and greasing caliper, bleeding system. Then I noticed the front brake rotor wasn't lining up properly. Da!!!! Dopey Me!!! I had the wheel spacer on the wrong sides. That's what I get for not paying attention. The system works great now. Thanx again, muffdvr

lol, i've done that once or twice...easy to get confused! :confused:

Actually. the spacers don't even look the same. Hard for me to imagine crossing them up, but I've done some rather classic things before.

ive done that before my self hahaha

ive done that before my self hahaha
yep yep.....me too. :confused:

I never have! :confused: Lol...jk, glad it was an easy fix.

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