leaking fluid from top of head breather

Ouestion about 1999 wr400 does anyone else experiance fluid leakage out of the tube that comes out of the head.Mine seems to leak alot for only having 250 miles on it anyone else have this problem or is it normal.thanks

Fluid or engine oil??, colour please.

I think what your talking about is the crankcase breather tube. which will blow off a little oil every time you ride.

No worries.

I have over 2000 miles on my 426 and it blows off the same today as the day I bought it.



yes I believe it is the crankcase breather tube and it looks like oil.I had bought the manual for the bike but it doesnt mention anything about the hose on top of the cylinder head. thanks for the info

I think the only hill to climb in Bowling Green is at the college. Right?

Something else that's cool... :blush:If you wreck and your bike stays running and is wheel side up, you'll get to see your oil burbling out that hose too.

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