Broken kick starter shaft 03 YZ450F

This weekend in Pismo I went to kick the bike, it wasn't happy so it kicked back, and the shaft sheered off...anyway my question is How much fun am I going to have fixing this? I've only replaced springs etc. on 2 strokes before.

Thanks for your help,

do you mean the shaft that you actually kick? or the shaft that goes into the motor?

Its simple and straight foreword!

yes the shaft that goes into the motor, it sheered in half about 1/4" outside of the case...the kick itself is fine.

if you go by your manual, you shouldnt have any trouble replacing the shaft. just remember to pay close attention to how things come apart. hope this helps.

welcome to tt! :confused:

Thanks Guy:)

ive just done this also!

i bought a used 06 model shaft thinking it was the same but it wasnt. the 06 was thicker/stronger so i suppose yamaha knew it was a problem and beefed it up in later years. ive since bought a new 03 shaft.

pretty easy, you have to take off your entire clutch and the kick shaft almost falls out, simply replace and put the clutch back together. takes about 30 minutes if you have the tools.

Check the part number on the shaft assembly. The original 5TA-15601-00-00 was problematic from the beginning and was replaced by the 5XD-15601-00-00. I believe that either the 5TA was upgraded in production, or the assembly was superseded with the 5XD.

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