Slow Jet on 650L

Hey guys, I got my new jets in the mail today, and plan on putting them in tonight. My question is on the carb where the slow jet goes, when I first pulled the carb, the slow jet was screwed completely in the hole, you had too look doen in the hole to see it, In the pictures for Dave's Carb Mods, the pic that shows the jets, I can clearly see his slow jet at the top of the hole. Do I completly screw down and seat the slow jet in its hole, or do I just screw it in until the top is flush to the top of the hole as in the pics in daves mods.


...all the way down "gudentite" unless you have the taller style pilot jet and then u'll need to trim the "slosh bucket"...but u still want it tight...just make sure u use the correct size screwdriver or u'll bugger it up.

i just installed the 58 pilot and it wus to big when i checked the fuel screw...gunna put the 55 pilot in asap.


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