XR650R serious miles.

I am going to do the Tramsamerica trail this summer, I have pretty much made up my mind and I am going to be doing it on an XR650R. The question that I have, can the XR650R do the miles? I would be doing a total of 8,000 Miles total. In order to get to the trail head I have to do 2,000 miles of all road. After that the trail itself is 5,000 miles. Then 1,000 miles home. I am wondering if the XR650R can do the 3,000 miles of just straight pavement 500 miles a day?

can you guarantee any bike is capable of all that probably not.

xr 650r is as good a candidate as any but have you considered air cooled xr 400. How far is it between gas stops? sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Would you take a gun?

I'm more worried about your ass .Stop wate a minute that doesn't sound rite .

Can your ass handle it?

May I suggest taking a 14 counter and 15 also .I cant offer much off road advice as I ride mine on the street 95% .With 15/40 ,Enduro street tires

uncorked @ 50mpg 70-80 mph tucked. 40mpg w/head wind upwright.

You may see better mpg with less main jet and less noise.A muffler will help make the trip more tollirable,and prefer less fuel.

You'll need to know how to adjust the valves and change tires, air filters and oil, have a great time.The bike will make it no problem.

Cool, I wasnt really concerned about the trail, its the 2000 non stop street miles to get there.

I believe my 01 has maybe 2-3K per year 15,000miles ?

Filter every other oil change Moble1 Syn.

clean air filter once a year ,it's never much off road maybe a few hundred miles.

I think it's still tighter than my 93 L with 8,000m although I got it used and can't blame the L for it's previous owner

Cool, I wasnt really concerned about the trail, its the 2000 non stop street miles to get there.

Might want to run a more street like tire for the 2K pavement miles.

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