where to find XR650L headlight assembly

Had a close encounter with a tree Sunday. Well too close. I took out the headlight assembly and bent the mounting hardware. Other than the dealer where can I find one. I have checked E-Bay and Craigslist without luck. I want to keep it stock so I do not have to modify the front end to make stuff fit. Is there any used bike parts dealers that would carry something like this without having a price too close to new Honda stuff. I have seen some stuff on E-Bay that was selling a dollar or 2 less than new parts cost.



If you want the actual Honda one then you need to buy it from them. For an aftermarket I like the headlight that Baja Designs sells. I think that it is about $90 It has a good reflector and can take a 100 watt bulb.

look on ebay, seems to always be someone scrapping out a L

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