2006 yz450f rear shock?

i have a question in regards to the rear shock on my yz450, i have it on the stand with the rear wheel off the ground and when i pull up on the swingarm it feels like there is some play in the shock bolts like .5mm, is that normal ? i cant see any movement where the shock is mounted when i reassembled it could i have put the lower bolt in the upper, i think the lower is longer then the upper so im not too sure.

This is somewhat normal once you get some time on the bike. Most people tighten the upper and lower bolts on the stand but if you set the bike on the ground before you tighten them a lot of the slack will be gone.

If the bolts are tight, the play is in the bearings. The shock bearings are of the single spherical ball joint type, and the two of them together may well have .4-.5mm play without really being considered "loose".

Thanks Gray!

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