Fmf Q4

I'm looking at getting a Q4 for my '07 WR450 and running the stock header. I've already done the free mods and JD kit. Will I see a power difference over the stock muffler?

I have the the stock header with all the mods on my 2007 WR450. I put a Q4 on it and noticed a gain in power over the stock silencer. The stock silencer is really restrictive. I really like the Q4 because it made a noticable difference in power and you'll never have to worry about being over the decibel limit anywhere.

Does it sound much different from the stock muffler with a performance tip?

Thanks, do you have yours jetted?

Thanks again,

The only performance tip I've heard is the GYTR tip. My bike with the Q4 is definetly more quiet than the GYTR tip. I run a 168 main jet at an altitude of 4000ft and less. Have you done the grey wire and throttle stop?

I've done the grey wire, throttle stop, AIS, etc... I put in the JD Kit also.

Do you happen to know which pilot you run?

...I'll have to ask my wife where the receipt is for it. I forgot to write it down. I'll check back when she get's off work tomorrow.

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