Shock settings

For those of you L guys going out to the dez in 2 weeks.

What is your shock settings, comp/rebound for that area? I still havent gotten the springs in, and prob. wont have time by then. Just hard enough to get the tires, chain and sprockets, etc. done in time.

Kids kill all the free time. So, baseline what is recomended? Including tire pressures for the area.



For air I'd go with no less than 15 psi. That's what I will go with.

Take a look at the owners manual that came with the bike. I think that my XR's book says half way, but I don't remember that for sure. This will be a great opportunity to tweak settings and see how it works. The best way it to have a trail that you can go on over and over. Make single click changes and try again.

very true cleo, martin if im not in a rocky area i would run about 15psi but if were going on hills or rocks ill bump up to 18 but thats my max psi ill use, sandy without any square edges ill run just about 13-14. i dont really care about shock settings i just rip along and worry later LOL, do some testing while your in the back o the pack!!

The most important adjustment is the sag, but you've done that already, right?

The most important adjustment is the sag, but you've done that already, right?

I'll recheck it after I get my tires back on.

I'll recheck it after I get my tires back on.

I drilled a hole through the left side panel so I can adjust the compression without removing the side panel. :confused:

I'm right there with ya Martin.

I need to figure out my suspension in the next two weeks too. I just installed some heavier springs, but they aren't correct for my weight, they're just heavier than stock. Couldn't pass up the bargain, so I bought 'em.

I'll have to wait a while before I can afford the cash to properly set up my boingers. I suspect the proper fork/shock springs for my weight, plus seals and fork oil should set me back about 275 bucks.

Think I'll be playing with settings this week. My suspension is all wacky right now and no fun to ride with at all. I did some trail riding with my son on Friday, and my forks were way too harsh. Didn't even feel like the forks wanted to give at all, they would just wash out on turns instead of compress and follow my input. Kind of like riding on marbles.

I may have put too much preload on the fork springs when I installed them. I'll probably take 1/2" off the spacer and go to a lighter weight fork fluid and take it for another spin this weekend.

I know the rear spring is too soft 'cause when I dial in the "ride" sag, the "static" sag disappears.

Me thinks a diet is in my future.........:confused:

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