03 450F

that would be so cool if that happened. I would be on a waiting list to get one. WOW with the new TT graphic's that would look great.

OK..OK... I think Before I say that I just gotta have one or I'll die, I've got to see how much weight they can shave from the pig, and how many more hours a day I'll have to work out in the gym to be able to pick the thing up off the ground. 2 hours a day five days a week is killing me already.

Bonzai :)

'Kaze, I'm with you on the weight thing. How do you add electric start, beef to keep up reliability, rigidity etc. for more power and lessen weight? Aside from a lot of exotic matierials it's commonly referred to as "have cake and eat too". Mark

[ April 27, 2002: Message edited by: AZWR426 ]

Just maybe its a new beast altogether ? And if Honda, can do it, why can't Yamaha ? If its the same frame I guess we're screwed, but...what if ??

I guess we'll see soon enough.

Looks like same bike more displacement what a shame, I think Yamaha is resting on its previous success. The R&D department is becoming stagnant by the looks of it. Electric start will be nice adding more weight won't. Hopefully they can shave a couple of pounds off I'd rather have less weight. They definately already make great power.


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