TT search worked, Thank you

Well I bought an 04-YZ450 last year and I had not been riding for lets just say a lot of years. and when I would go riding I had a hell of a time starting out in first gear as well as just kind of cruising in first and second gear the bike would kind of just take off like a bat out of hell. and at first I thought it was me and re-learning how to ride. well this winter I replaced the pilot screw and just started it today and was making adjustments and just putting around the yard and noticed the rpm surge around 1/8 throttle, looked through the trusty owners manual and really didn't find any info that totally described my issue so then I searched TT and found a pretty old thread about a WR with a similar problem I tried un-plugging the TPS and started it and held the throttle steady just barely open NO more RPM fluctuation at all pulled out the multi-meter and low and behold throttle closed .86 ohm WOT 3.68ohm adjusted and reconnected and what do you know runs great so far just putting around will know better once I can open it up some but for now I feel its smoother and Thank you TT and lavoie du christ for posting this and every one else that posted in this thread

:confused::excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden::crazy::p

almost kinda sucks doesn't it? I had the same ordeal....searched and researched, and found 99% of all my answers, now my bike has a new rebuild, and is jetted correctly, and runs great....:confused: Glad it helped you also.

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