What 250f in 05-07?

Looking to get a 250f this spring, but what are the ones that are raved about in the 05-07 year range? Originally wanted to get a 06 crf 250 but i hear they are pretty comparable to the 05 honda. Kinda wanna stick to an aluminum frame, so that limits the possibilities.

I have an 06 CRF250, and haven't had the first problem with it. Runs great, and has a lot of power for a 250. I've been use to riding modified 450 race quads and 250 2-stroke bikes. I weigh 200lbs with gear, and it gets me around the track pretty well. I've got it listed for sale, because I want to try a 450 for my size. But all in all, its a great bike. I love the looks of the dual exhaust.

I hear mixed reviews on the 06's bog, have you experienced it? Some say they do, others ay they dont

I would say get a Yamaha or a KX but it really doesnt matter. If you want an aluminum frame that rules out 05 Kawi and Suzuki but Im pretty sure they both went to aluminum in 06. That rules out all KTMs too. Just get whatever you can get the best deal on.

Ya I thought about that too, i guess its gonna have to be whats around for choices....probably still get a honda, even though i will be just getting off a Yamaha 125.

Mine doesn't have any noticeable bog. It comes off pretty strong on the bottom. Its a lot of fun to ride. You can rail through corners fast. The bike feels really good. I may just keep mine and mod it.

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