Seat cover not included in graphics kit?

Ok im buying my dad these graphics for his 450

Anyways,they are dirt cheap,and I can buy them easy.But the problem is it says it does not come with a seat cover?Do you think it will look stupid without one,or should I just try to find one

i would call nstyle and get a custom white seat cover made for like 50$

I think it would look ok

Yeah I just dont want to blow all my cash for a seat cover,I am buying a helmet cam and a jetting kit soon for my 250.So I want to have enough cash left over

if it is a red or black seat it will look fine I think. the seat cover that usually comes with this kit looks like crap to me anyway. IMO. 25 is dirt cheap tho....go for it.

i think youll be alright :confused:

I think that kit would look best with a straight black gripper cover.

A white cover is going to get mud stained and look like hell after a couple rides anyway.

according to the web site that kit only comes with tank and shroud graphics it doesnt say fender air box etc.. that is why it is so cheap. but i just purchased a complete set of these graphics for my 02 cr 125 and i think i am going to go with a black seat cover the white and black one gets too dirty too fast.

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