262X 250 report

The 262X bike of Andy Padulo,Paul Lopez,Albert Valenzuela and Ricardo De La Pena finished a respectable sixth in the 250 and over sptsmn. class. It was a tough start as we were 12th off of the line out of about 18 starters. Ricky charged hard to make up a few positions and then we picked off the rest in the end. Paul Lopez stepped up to the plate in the heat of the race and helped fallen rider 402x who was badly injured. If you know of his well-being please let me know. I had some TT stickers on my swingarm if anybody noticed them. TT rocks! We need to keep this forum going. Thanks to Seve from DP Racing and everybody for your help and if anybody needs any info I will be glad to chime in my two cents.

Was 402X the guy who was wadded up when you started entering into Azufre? 403X and one other guy was there when I came around the corner and I stopped to help out. They gave me the info on him and I back tracked on the course to go get help. Got some people with a med kit and a Jeep and then rode back to the guy and gave him all the vicadin I had in my pocket. I hope he is doing o.k. I heard he broke his leg, some ribs, his collarbone and had possible internal bleeding.

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