Looking For A Gen 1 Baja Design Handlebar Switch

I Am Looking For A Gen 1 Baja Designs Handlebar Switch To Repair/replace The One On Mine That Has A Broken Lever.it Does Not Need To Work But Does Need To Have The Slide Piece For The High/low Beam And Running Light In Good Working Order.i Will Pay For The Whole Unit So I Can Get The Lever. Thanks

I lost the switch cover on the newer style switch, and called Baja Designs and they pulled just the cover from one they had setting around.

Might be worth a shot if you can't find one elsewhere.

Tried That Already Seems That This Switch Is Prehistoric.i Might End Up Rigging Something Up And I Can't Find One.

K&S (http://www.kandstech.com/) uses the same switch assemblies (maybe they make them, I am not sure).

But maybe they still have the old style.....

Found One!!! Thanks Everybody Who Helped.

Which one and where did you find it?


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