12'' and 10'' supermoto tires

who sells a 12 and 10 inch combo set of supermoto tires or who sells supermoto tires that have the same grooves in 12 and 10 inch?

um... I think pitsterpro.com can hook you up, if not, try tboltusa.com or outlawpowersports.com, they'e bound to have something...

also cam at mmracing.biz

You see 'em on ebay all the time for about $50 for the set

and when they dont fit then what happens.....:excuseme:

you need to talk to some Vendor that has the correct parts needed the first time.....:confused: :


Correct axle size and length

Correct wheel spacers

Correct Disc brake set-up to work/compatible

I think he just wants tires, Kevin

I think he just wants tires, Kevin

:confused::excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden::crazy::p:lol::worthy:

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