Lift kit and plow...

I plan on installing a 4'' Superlift on "my" 95 Chevy 2500. The problem is, my dad will be using this truck as a plow truck in the winter. Is there any way that the plow is still usable with the 4'' lift? Maybe loosening torsion bars? Give me ideas guys!

You don't want to loosen torsion bars. Look into dropping/lowering the plow's mounting brackets.

Thanks for the response. Is the dropping of the mounts a fairly easy and cheap process?

You would probably have to make some drop brackets for the plow mounts

You are going to be alot better off modifying the plow. Don't mess with torsion bars unless you know what you are doing.

oops, repost

If it is a Fisher plow there are three holes at the end of the a-frame. Use the top hole and it should lower the plow enough for the 4" lift.

eh, I hate to see plows on a IFS, makes the bars really saggy, then you run out of adjustment or have a bad ride. depending on the plow, you may get the adjustment out of it (seen em before on lifted trucks) I would contact a plow manufacturer and see if they have ran into it before (sure they have)

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