2008 Ktm 450 Xc-w(r)

What is the correct jetting kit for the new 2008 KTM 450 XC-W®

elevation is 200-1700 ft.


Is that a XCR-W, I can't find info on a XC-W ®

Web site says XC-W® and the bike says XCRW take your pick.

XCR-W is the wide ratio 6 speed, basically an EXC without the road legal stuff. It is notoriously lean in the mid throttle positions due to a needle that has too little taper. Screwing in different jets does not fix that, it needs a needle with some taper. The JD is the simplest route.

I'm running the F2 blue needle in the 2nd position, with 162 main, 45 pilot and fuel screw at about 1 turn out. I'm at sea level to 1000'. It has been running a bit rich- hard to start when hot, cold starts no choke. I'll try a 42 pilot next and see if better. Yesterday there was a little missing wide open. Not sure where that came from.

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