Will coolant evaporate

Will coolant evaporate if there is a lil say on the spark plug. i had my head gasket leaking after putting my bb kit on and i got it fixed but still have a lil coolant hanging around will it be ok if i run it?

Why not just put a new plug in if you are worried? Chances are if the plug is wet it will be tough to start.

^^What he said^^^ Just slap a new plug in.

Ethelyene Glycol does not evaporate. Run the bike for a little while, put in a fresh plug.

its been starting on first kick, im just worried coolant would maybe get on my piston or something and crack or mess it up when it heats up

If you have a leak into the cylinder, you need to fix it. period.

does it blow white smoke? like cars with bad head gaskets that make me laugh. when I got coolant on my exhaust, it smelled FOUL :confused: when it burned

it dont blow constantly just real light smoke i think from the oil that i coated the cylinder with when i put on the bb kit but will that coolant burn off if there is some in there or not?

Are you kidding me? Left over coolant INSIDE the cylinder? It will be burnt off within seconds once the engine fires - it's extremely hot in the combustion chamber.

If it's on the outside of the combustion chamber/cylinder (i.e., around the cylinder) then it will evaporate eventually - no worries.

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