Yoshimura TRS Exhaust

I've just got a yoshimura TRS exhaust to fit on a DRZ-S 470 (94mm bore, +5 stroke) andI cannot get the mid pipe mount to line up with the bottom footpeg hole. It is about 1/4" too far back. Any ideas?

It does not line up.

You will notice it does line up with the lower passenger peg bolt. There are two fixes, bioth of which have extensive write ups. You can either drill out the threads on the lower hole in the subframe or do a tricky longer bolt/jamnut setup. Both methods also require the sub frame mount ro be shimmed out slightly, 2 or 3 washers usually do it. Will need a longer bolt there too.

I have shimmed out the subframe already and I was trying to line it up with the bottom footpeg bolt hole but it is still 1/4" too far back. Am I missing something or will I need to trim the exhaust to get it to fit? Is it best to fit the mid section first then fit the headerpipe onto it?

its some times tough to get the mid pipe all the way on the head pipe.

its some times tough to get the mid pipe all the way on the head pipe.

Yeah, that was a PITA for me for sure.

Also the clearance between the radiator, Unabiker and head pipe was an issue. I finally stopped fighting it as the rad would contact the head pipe. I didn't want the radiator to leak as a result of the aluminum rubbing off on the titanium. A little bump had already migrated over. I slotted the holes, moved the radiator up, etc., but it always worked its way down.

Sure sounded good with earplugs! And the power was addictive!

The head pipe and mid section slide together O.K. It seems that however I mount it together it's just too far back to bolt up the centre mount.

Finally got it on this morning, I had to make up a bracket to move the left radiator upwards and outwards to clear the header pipe and shorten the header by 1/4" to make the mid pipe mount line up properly.

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