Fork question

...triples and probably the brake caliper, front axle, wheel (hub aleast), and the steering stem needs to be turned down to fit the xr head -- from what ive heard. Ive never done this so someone chime in if im wrong.


brakes will likely all work, they all seem to be the same that I've seen. (fronts)

We didn't get that model so who knows?

Do you know how old they are?

I have the forks/triples from a 2001 CR125 (USD) that I'm putting on my 85 XR350. You have to get the stem turned down and the right bearing or we can now get a bearing that fits both and not have to do any machining!!

A couple of guys have used them, there is a thread about it......

I'm going to order them next week for mine.

Bah, they ended :confused:

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